Friday, March 21, 2014

Introducing King Arthur!!

I've been working on a mouse droid since Christmas after collecting some parts over the summer.  I guarantee it's much easier to build than an R2 unit.  This is a fun little project with an RJ series race car chassis, a full-scale shell, and lots of IC chips that I pushed into a perf board while watching the Super Bowl.

A little backstory to his name:  a friend of mine called it Arthur, thinking that the PBS kid show was about a family of mice.  It took me a few days to realize what he was talking about.  No, it's a family of aardvarks.  But I like the name Arthur, and since he's full sized, I renamed him King Arthur (KA for short).  I then went to work on some cool graphics for racing stripes.  I came up with Excaliber with flames coming out.  I know I have some work to do with it (I just printed it on plain paper in color, cut out the image, and taped it on).  I want the sword to be longer, the flames to wrap around, and have it a vinyl sticker (not taped on).  For what I did in a couple hours I think it looks pretty good.  He probably won't win races, but he'll sure look good trying!

King Arthur

The Flaming Excaliber

Don't you just love his blue mouse tail?  It's the receiver antenna.
Until next time,
Jawa Jaka (playing with her mouse)


New banners and name

Foolish phb forums won't let me post pics directly from my laptop, so I gotta post everything here then copy and paste the URL of my pics.  Silly really, but not much I can do.  Men design the strangest coding and make life a little complicated.  OK, enough of my rant.

What I really want to post is that I'm excited to finally recieve the new MSR2 banners, cards, and... MAGNETS!  Yes, magnets for special people (like ultra fans and members).  And we changed our name to Mountain States Droid Builders (because we can, and because we have R2's, R4's, mouse droids, gonks, and one heck of a Droideka!!  So, drumroll please....  our new cards (banner and magnets are the same, and I got a blue banner with reversed colors):

Pretty nift, huh?
Until next time,
Jawa Jaka (enjoying the new banners and cards)

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

2014 Schedule and new website

The Mountain States R2 Droid Club now has a new home at!!  We also have a facebook page, so come Like us!  Check out our new website for news on where the droids will be next.  You can even post up pictures of our droid, meet the droid builders, and join in discussions on our forum.  Happy Days Are Here Again!!

I seemed to have skipped putting AL's schedule on the left hand side for 2013 (it's been a very busy year at work), but I promised a lot of people I would post 2014.  As always, the schedule is subject to change due to work, illness, weather, called to duty on the Death Star, etc.

Galaxyfest, Feb 21-23, 2014, Antler's Inn, Colorado Springs, CO
Sun City Scifi, Mar 14-16, 2014, El Paso Convention Center, El Paso, TX
May the Fourth, May 4, 2014, Wings Over the Rockies Museum, Denver, CO
Denver Comic Con, June 13-15, 2014, Denver Convention Center, CO
Britishfest, June 28-29, 2014, Comfort Inn and Suites, Omaha, NE
     (I might just bring the mouse droid for that, but I'll be doing the 007 panels and party)
Rocky Mountain Con, October 2014, Crowne Plaza DIA, Denver, CO

There will probably be other events but I don't have dates for those yet.  I'll post up when a new one comes along.  Due to logistics with May the Fourth events, AL will probably not be out for Free Comic Book Day (again I might bring the mouse droid for that).

Please feel free to contact me before hand to make sure AL will actually be at an event.

Until next time,
Jawa Jaka (busily cramming her calendar with cool events)

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Hauntings at the Hangar

WOW!! It's been awhile since I've blogged (I miss blogging).  Stupid facebook getting in the way of my blogging!  LOL  Anyway here are a few pics of the droids at Hauntings at the Hangar, Oct 27th, 2013:

AL in his kid Vader costume, inspired by a couple dozen little boys in the same costume at Boo at the Zoo at Cheyenne Mountain Zoo. 

Next year Coke Zero???

Dave!  or is it Kevin?  I can never remember.

Goldie says BOO!!  It was an impromptu costume cutting holes in our personal tablecloth.
Goldie shares a moment with another sheet (friend).

The Jawa Candy Dish from Spirit Halloween store, with Crowina the Carrier Crow.
Speeder Mater was a HUGE hit!!  And most everyone got it!

Fraggle Rock meets Star Wars meets Minions.  Kudos to a well done mashup.

Vader was a hot costume for boys, both human and mechanical, this year.
AL and his friends can't wait until next year to do it all again.  So, what would you like to see AL dressed up as next year?
Until next time,
Jawa Jaka (playing dress up with the droids) 

Friday, April 26, 2013

The Astromech Action Figure Collection

A few of us in our garrison have collected astromech action figures, including myself.  I've been collecting for about four years now and have a pretty good start.  Here are a couple links to droid action figure lists:
Google Docs List  (added after initial post)

And now pics of my collection so far:

I found some bamboo desk dividers with ends that slide out at Big Lots a couple years ago.  Droid figures fit in it perfectly.  I'm intending to add a couple more "shelves" on the left side so it matches the right side.  I also want to add some sort of plexiglass covering for convention display purposes.  I have a third divider somewhere that I can add more figures (just have to find a place to hang it, not much room next to these guys).

Here are a few of my unopened ones.  The rest are scattered throughout the house and a few, like my most wonderful R2-KT are still in AL's bin in the car.  I currently have strep throat and a humongous sinus infection and way too sick to get anything out of the car at the moment.  So, you have to trust me when I say I have more battle packs, Entertainment Earth collections, and single carded figures floating around.
I've included my R2 light set (I have two packages of these for my RV), the tiny R2 at the right is my rubber stamp from 1982 (a stocking stuffer from Mom to Dad), the rare McQuarrie concept is in the middle, and on the left is my very first action figure of any kind ever!  I found Leia and R2 pack at the flea market for $7.  I talked him down to $5 and now this pack is hard to find.  I scored big time and didn't even know it!!  Yep, that little find started me on the action figure collecting craziness.  Just droids and jawas for now, even though I have a few Maul's, stormtroopers, and one officer.
The tiniest action figures --  Micro Machines!  Found this for a song at last year's Denver Comic Con.  The seller held it for me for two days until I could get to his booth.  I have great friends, don't I?
Some of my other droids and jawas.  Someday I want to make the big green guy lower left corner.

Until next time,
Jawa Jaka (happily playing with her dolls while coughing up gunk)
As soon as I posted this a friend of mine found another great resource list:

Monday, March 18, 2013

And my Kilted Trooper!

I almost forgot to post my Kilted Troope outfit from the St. Pat's parade.  I hand made my kilt with black and white tartan plaid.  The extra fabric from the bottom became my sash with my dad's real four-leaf clover in-a-pin holding my sash together.

Until next time,
Jawa Jaka (going green, black and white style!)

IN tunic front panel mockup

After a long St. Pat's weekend that included finishing a kilt, helping on a float, marching in a parade, and eating lots of pizza at Beujou's with good friends, I decided to take a break from my hectic life and work on the IN tunic mockup.  So, here's what I did tonight while watching LOTR/Two Towers for the umpteenth time.

First I got out my muslin.  People ask me what kind of muslin I use, and it's a doozy.  I have hundreds of padded packing paper from seven years ago when my parents passed on.  I just rip the brown paper off and I get lots of blue thin fabric that works quite well.  Ask your local moving companies/uhaul/PODS/etc for some padded paper.  It'll cost you some, but it's cheaper than what you can get at a fabric store.  Or use any old sheets/curtains/etc.  Remember, it's going to be tossed out eventually.

Now on to the fun stuff. 

This is based on a regular IO front panel.  You'll need to adjust and measure this piece on your body using CharToraz's tutorial.  You'll also need to take the right side of the neck line and make a straight edge from center to about one inch below your right shoulder.  In this pic I labeled the panels backwards but the end results are the same.  R will actually go over your left shoulder and L will go just under your right shoulder seam.

From the point where the neck curve becomes straight draw a straight line to the bottom edge somewhat parallel to the right edge.  Cut on this line to make R.  Measure two to three inches from the left edge at both top and bottom.  What ever measurement you decide to use it must be the same at top and bottom.  Draw a straight line and cut to make L.  The middle piece is automatically magic!

These three pieces will be the basis for your pattern pieces.  Take another large piece of muslin and pin R and Mid on it.  Cut at least one inch on the sides you cut in the previous step.  This will give you seam allowance and some extra to adjust for that taylored look (it's always better to cut bigger than smaller!).

For L fold your muslin giving yourself at least one inch extra on the short side.  Lay the long side of L on the fold and cut on the extra inch for seam allowance and adjustments.

As a long-time quilter I like to use a straight edge and rotary cutter.  If you don't have those please try to cut as straight as possible.  Tip:  you can use any ruler or straight edge like a piece of paper and cut outside the edge.  This will help you get a nice clean cut.

At this time you'll have three larger pieces that looks something like this.  L is unfolded in this pic.  Sew R to Mid, then the unfolded L to Mid.

This is what it will look like after sewing the three pieces together.

This is a close up of the top neck line.  Notice the pointed shape of the unfolded L.

This is what you'll get when you fold L under.  L will get some light batting and then whipstitched into place on the back.  I'll have pics of that process later (when I get to that part). 

Again, I had you all cut the pieces a little big for any adjustments.  I already had to adjust the Mid section a little for the L seam (my Mid was a smidgeon too large).  You'll probably be trimming off a little here and there when you get it fitted on the rest of the tunic.

Until next time,
Jawa Jaka (Battle of Helms Deep is still going on!  What a long movie battle!)