Friday, July 17, 2015

Fawxy the Firebird Quilt

I became a member of the Imperial Officer Corp (IOC) Firebirds end of last year.  It's the female officers group of the 501st.  We adopted a phoenix as our logo and I just go the logo t-shirt (it's awesome).  A couple years ago I started a Fawkes the Phoenix quilt from a pattern I bought a quilt show.  I didn't quite like the fabrics in the kit, so I changed most of them out for a really fantastic fiery yellow/orange fabric and a really nice blue background (the original had black with odd white square dots on the sides).  So, after a couple months of talking about the quilt on the Firebird forums, I decided to change the name to Fawxy the Firebird.  I might remove the falling feather and replace it with the Firebirds logo.  I still have lots of work to do, like sewing down the edges (I love satin stitching, but I think I'll use a random zigzag to make it look fiery), doing some thread painting (I have three different red/orange/yellow variegated threads I bought as a 3-pack), and add an awesome eye.  I'll finish it sometime next year.  Now to figure out a cool quilting pattern (as soon as I learn how to use my longarm quilting machine).